Are we serious or just playing? 4 Quick ‘Tells’

You know what a ‘tell’ is right?

It’s a twitch of the eye during a game of poker that a player subconsciously exhibits if they have a god hand, it’s the way a liar places their hand over their mouth when they speak or the way a friend laughs when you ask her if she’s seeing that guy – “No! ha ha ha. As if!”

Well, when you’re dating someone and you’re curious as to how they feel about you, common sense tells you the best thing to do, is to ask. However, that’s not going to give you a straight answer. But his ‘tells’ are called tells for a reason. By paying attention to 8 pieces of body language, you’ll soon find out if he’s playing for keeps.

  1. Lean on me

You know how it goes, you’re walking down the street or by the ocean, romance is in the air and he puts his arm up over your shoulder and you two are basically hug-walking. Except this move is not a great sign of things to come. Every girl knows, after two minutes or so, his arm is heavy, you’re basically holding him up. He’s might be madly in love with you – but he’s not thinking of you or your feelings.

  1. He rejects your call

Everyone has to reject a call sometimes, but if he always does it and then calls you back, it’s a sign that he when he sees your name, he’s doesn’t feel like he’s in the right mind-set to talk to you. If he needs to be ready to talk to you or see you, he’s just playing.

  1. He shows you his teeth too often

You know these types. You tell them something and they grimace at you instead of answering. A grimace is a sign of discomfort but also used in submission. So if you’re asking him about going to you sister’s wedding and he grimaces back, take the hint. The answer in no, but he’s too scared to say it.

  1. He Negs you

Negging or the ‘insult sandwich’ is a trick, which was fashionable a few years ago, thanks to a rather dumb book. In this, the guy typically says something nasty, with a ‘but I like it’ on the end. For example. “I like how brave you are wearing that short dress in this cold weather.” Either he read the book or he’s being passive aggressive, both good tells that he’s taking this seriously.

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