4 Things Guys Need To Know About Dating Long-Single Ladies

Maybe she’s had her heart broken or her trust misused, maybe she’s been widowed or deserted, or maybe she just has never met a good, high quality guy who’s willing to treat her right and respect her. Whatever the reason, dating her, compared to dating someone who is ‘always in a relationship’ is a totally different game.

Better single than sorry is a very valid philosophy, but shunning societal and media pressures to ‘just do it’ can be tough. That means most long-single ladies are tough women, not push overs. They are independent and know what they want in life. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t want love. They just don’t want it – at any cost!

So guys need to know how to handle her. Because she’s a find, and if he can do it – it’ll be worth it.

1. Time to adjust

Being single means always doing everything yourself, like the grocery shopping and changing light bulbs, but also fitting snow tires and even painting a wall. Guys who are use to being the hero type, can feel emasculated by this independence, but they shouldn’t. Given time, all long-single women will happily accept a helping hand.

You just need to be persistent with your offers to help and understand that when she says ‘I got it’, it might just be out of habit. Now it’s your turn to ‘just do it’.

2. Holding back

She’s not so used to opening up to people that much anymore and it takes time to relearn what stuff you talk about and what stuff you don’t. And believe it or not, she doesn’t want to scare you away. So your job is to listen. Let her move at her own (reasonable) pace and be sure to be there for her.

3. Give her space

Her couch, her TV, her house… your girl has enjoyed and reveled in this privilege for such a longtime that she might be reluctant to give it up quickly. You’ll need to show her you’re worth it.

4. Make it fun

Long single ladies are used to doing stuff at home on their own and while this is comfortable for her, if you want to win her over, show her what fun couple can have too. Take her to a theme park, the beach and the theatre, all the kind of place people don’t go on their own.


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