20 Top Tips To Making a Marriage Work

20. Don’t turn the lights off.

If you’re in bed together, turning off the lights and closing your eyes might seem like a great way to climax, but you’re essentially shutting the other person out and inviting thoughts of others in…

19. Do more than your fair share

Never keep score about who has done what or paid for what. If you really are committed, doing more than the other person only adds to the pot.

18. The grass is greener where you water it

Not on the authorised of the fence. If you want it greener on your side, you’ll need to tend it and water it.

17. Follow the Love, Co-hab, Marriage, Children flow

For those looking to start a family, don’t assume having children will lead to marriage. If you’re still waiting for him to propose, you’ll be waiting much longer fro him to be a real father. And if he’s never wanted to live together, jumping into marriage is the same thing.

16. You don’t have to be happy, to be happy together

Just because work sucks or school sucks or you have money or health problems, it doesn’t mean your relationship can’t be a happy one. Focus on that one thing together and the other problems will feel less severe.

15. Always hold hands when talking about the hard stuff.

It helps to keep the negative emotions in check & shows you care.

14. Keep no secrets, tell no lies.

But don’t use this rule to hurt someone and gain points.

13. Love is an action, not a feeling

12. Live your love life off-line

If you love someone, say it to their face, don’t tag them in a message

11. Remember you’re a team

10. Don’t ever sleep on the couch

You might be angry, but sleeping on the couch is like saying, ‘I would leave if I could’.

9. See what others se in your SO

That way, you won’t risk losing them by not giving the attention they deserve


Treat your partner as you would like to be treated yourself

7. Find a common goal

For some couples this is family or church, but it could be a new hobby you take up together

6. Cook together

Take it in turn to play chef and assistant to make meal times a bonding event

5. Don’t compare your SO to your ex, even in your head

Your ex isn’t here and it’s easy to forget the bad stuff to make your anger at your SO justifiable

4. Tell them they are special

Because they are, they’re with you

3. Talk face to face

Eye contact promotes bonding

2. Dream big

Make plans together for a vacation, a business or even a weekend

1. Know it is forever…

Never consider your marriage a temporary arrangement. It’s to a job, it’s your life! cropped-stock-photo-cold-snow-couple-love-romance-dress-suit-romantic-relationship-502e0751-2134-40a1-a940-63c1edb850cf1.jpg



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