Open The Door, Let Love IN!

Do you want to find love and be loved? For many single ladies the answer is a resounding YES!

But what are you doing to bring that love into your life?

Signing up for every dating app on the market and going out and ‘getting out there’ isn’t enough. You need to prime yourself for love in the same way as an animal does, as a flower does!

No One Wants to Look DESPERATE

We all know, desperate is not a good look. Falling over ourselves to find a man is a sure fire way to send our target running for the hills. But not getting our heads in the right place to embrace love is a huge mistake.

Our resident scientist Dr. D Anderson (aka David) has been digging up the real scientific research which can help you prime yourself for love.

Why should I prime myself for LOVE?



Some might find the approach of priming yourself for love to be a little unromantic, but it’s really not. Everything we do towards finding long-lasting love and a meaningful relationship, is romantic.

David: Did you know, there is a body of research which found that ‘exotic dancers’ made more tips when they danced during their monthly cycle compared to any other time of the month? Amazingly, is makes you gait, the way you walk a little different (maybe I’m mansplaining here, please excuse me). Anyway, that sign of fertility, is also a hint of receptiveness. A fertile woman, is a woman with lust in her heart. Ans men want to know their advances won’t be turned down. So as Bethany says… being primed for love and ready to be receptive, is a quick fire way of upping your attractiveness. cropped-stock-photo-cold-snow-couple-love-romance-dress-suit-romantic-relationship-502e0751-2134-40a1-a940-63c1edb850cf1.jpg

Happy Hunting!

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