This Love Hormone Can Heal Your Body

Oxytocin is a natural hormone made in the human body with extraordinary abilities. It’s often referred to as the ‘love hormone’ because, on the surface, that is it’s primary function – to make you feel bonded and connected to your partner and children. However, scientists are only just finding out how oxytocin can improve your health, make you fitter, happier and less susceptible to heart disease and cancer.
Live longer and stronger
We’ve known for a longtime that happily married couples outlive their single, divorced and un-happily married counterparts. This was always put down to a lust for life and a healthy lifestyle. While a healthier lifestyle is also important and a contributing factor (married men tend to drink and smoke less and have better access to healthy food) this ‘lust for life’ they talk about is now seen as the side effects of oxytocin.
In research, oxytocin naturally enhances a sense of:

  • Optimism
  • Trust
  • Mastery
  • Self-esteem

All important factors in a loving relationship. These senses act like a psychological buffer, a superhero shield against misfortune and setbacks. Nature wired both men and women to experience an oxytocin surge (or several) during orgasm and moments of bonding. So these feelings of optimism, trust, mastery and self-esteem are often connected to one person and when a relationship breaks down – that heartbreak you feel is – guess what – real as anything! Your feelings of optimism, trust, mastery and self-esteem have been stolen from you.
But that’s not all. Oxytocin is also used in digestion and the regulation of blood pressure. It can repair a damaged gut and decrease intestinal inflammation.
There is an artificial form of oxytocin which is used in medicine to help with the treatment of PTSD, depression, delayed labor in childbirth and the treatment of autism, however, singled doses of the hormone are nothing compared to the regular, everyday dosages which come from a hug, a kiss, a phone call, a wink and finding out he did the laundry.
So, in your quest for love don’t let anyone tell you that it’s not that important because it is. It could be the best thing you do for your general health.

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